Our company "Lekkas Georgios" is based in Neapoli, Monemvasia, in the Peloponnese, has been engaged in woodworking of all types with love and love for many years and offers to its customers in the Peloponnese and all over Greece wooden furniture of high aesthetics and endurance at economical prices .

With years of experience in the field of woodworking, we can give the wood the shape you want.

Using our high quality, high quality, long-life materials and having as our main objective the satisfaction of our customers, we make consistent and professional woodwork and wooden furniture such as:

  • Wooden Doors Indoor & Outdoor
  • Wooden Wardrobes
  • Wooden Furniture
  • Wooden Kitchens
  • Wooden Stairs and many other creations

We undertake woodworking and wooden furniture and we serve all of Laconia, the Peloponnese and all over Greece.

With speed, consistency and credibility, we create carpentry and furniture of unique aesthetics, for home and business spaces throughout the Peloponnese.

Our company is also active in the field of plasterboard offering services for laying plasterboard and plasterboard constructions.